Wood Pellets

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Pellet fuel is an environmentally conscious, clean-burning, and price stable heating option that is exponentially growing in popularity throughout North America.  Whether it’s produced from hardwood, softwood, or a blend of both, this renewable resource energy product is a solidly consistent and efficient means of heating your home or business.

Pellets from our manufacturers are produced from wood chips that are ground into sawdust, dried to a consistent moisture level, then compressed into uniform shape, density, moisture, and energy content.

Wood Pellet Color

The color of pellets will vary depending on the specie from which the pellet was produced.  As you can see from the photo below shades of color will vary from yellow to golden to reddish-brown.

Wood Pellet Length

There are a number of factors that play a role in determining pellet length in the manufacturing process.  The average length of pellets can vary from mill to mill.  Longer pellets will deposit less fuel into the appliance with every rotation than shorter pellets.  Proper calibration of feed and air flow rates on your stove will produce the maximum combustion and heat transfer.

Wood Pellet Density

The wood fiber in a pellet is compressed to a density of at least 40lbs per cubic foot.  As with pellet length, the density of a particular pellet isn’t a sole determinant of quality but it does require proper calibration of feed and air flow rates to maximize efficiency.

For more information on Wood Pellets, we recommend visiting pelletheat.org.